Delivery Work

Letterbox Delivery Work

If you are interested in delivering catalogues/newspapers to residential letterboxes on an Independent Contracting basis in Singleton, please complete the Delivery Work Application Form.


Applicants must:

  • Be hardworking, reliable & honest.

  • Live locally.

  • Have own transport and smartphone.

Work Description
  • Letterbox delivery work is quite flexible.

  • Deliverers work as Independent Contractors.

  • They receive stock from us and sort it into bundles for delivery in specified areas.

  • Stock is then delivered by Wednesday each week.

  • Stock must be delivered into mailboxes, not thrown.

  • The more stock we have, the longer it takes to sort and deliver and everybody has their own system.

  • Some people work alone and some in twos or more which cuts down hours worked.

  • On average working alone, you might need 6-8hrs to sort and 2-3hrs to deliver per area, depending on the amount of stock and the size of the area.

  • Contractor payments for letterbox deliveries are also based on the amount of pamphlets going out each week and are usually paid within a fortnight of the job commencing.